All of the horses listed below are available for adoption to a forever home.  We have a comprehensive screening process to insure that these animals get a home suitable to live out their days in peace.

About our rescue and adoption policies:


Monies from the adoption/sale of horses will help to cover the cost of hay, vet and farrier,  and rescuing other horses who are in need. We are a 501c3 where people can learn about horses, who they are, what they need, and help care for them as we work to rehabilitate and train horses to prepare them for a new home.We seek to make the best possible matches.We want adopted horses to improve their lives — stalls or paddocks with daily turnout, access to room to move, pastures, permanent pasture space, or whatever will be a good fit for a pasture pal or a riding horse. We want horses to have a primary caretaker, and get more time and attention than they would at our rescue. We offer support, help, and assistance with your new partner and three free lessons. We want to work with you to make this the best horse partnership possible. New caretakers must be willing to stay in contact with Well Trained Horses via email, telephone, and/or traditional mail–we love pictures & stories. New caretakers must agree not to resell the horse they’ve adopted from Well Trained Horses. We are looking for homes for horses with caretakers for life. If transferring ownership becomes necessary, you agree in advance to be in touch with Well Trained Horses, and together, work out a plan that with which we agree. We encourage you to take the lead but will work with you during the process and must approve any new caretakers. Well Trained Horses will take back the adopted horse in case all re-homing efforts are unsuccessful.


Lease option also available!


Apollo: a smart, personality-filled, goofy "ham" of a horse. He is seriously clever, and loves putting his mind to use. Apollo thrives off work, and especially blossoms during time in the arena spent on ground work. As soon as you say hello to this beautiful 15.3 Palomino Quarter Horse, you'll see his lips start to twitch with excitement. We just recently started riding Apollo, and are working to get him more comfortable given his long break from being under saddle. He is an ex barrel-racer so we are working in keeping him quiet and slow in the arena. We are thinking he would fair well as a light trail horse, but don't want to push him too fast. If you are looking for a pasture-pal, he was in a heard of 30 horses before coming to us. He is playful, but gets along well with other horses. This horse learns quickly, but does have a strong personality. He needs someone who will hold up clear boundaries and not be afraid to keep him in check. He is doing fabulously with training though, and is a quick learner. He would love someone to keep teaching and working with him, and eventually use him for relaxed rides. Apollo is a 17 year old Palomino Quarter Horse gelding with beautiful dapples standing 15.3 hands tall.


Feel free to share and get this great guy a deserving home!

If you are interested in learning more, or would like information about our adoption process, please contact:

Charlie: 707-477-5005


Remi is one handsome guy… Recently, he was diagnosed with Headshaking Syndrome. We are currently in the process trying to help Remi feel as comfortable as possible. He is not in pain, but rather over stimulated which can make him uncomfortable at times. He is still a sweet, easy boy, but needs a person who can recognize which days are good and which days he needs less stimuli. The below description is accurate, but we have stopped riding him to increase his comfort level. We think he would fair best as a pasture-pal, with riding as a possibility.

He is level headed, not spooky, and has a memorable personality. Remi is easy under saddle, only needing fine tuning. He goes walk, trot, canter, and is calm on trails. We are currently working on getting his right lead stronger, but with a skilled rider, he will be a joy on the right lead in no time. He also is easy over ground poles and successful with long-lining. His trot is smooth, as well as his transitions. Remi is not fully “green”, but rather needs some mileage under saddle. He loves to learn, and will prosper quickly with continued training. Remi is a dark brown Thoroughbred, about 15.3 hands. If you’re looking for a kind, willing, and beautiful, prospect, Remi is your guy.

Feel free to share so we can get Remi a loving home!

If you are interested in learning more, or would like information about our adoption process, please contact:

Charlie: 707-477-5005


This kind horse has the sweetest disposition! Great to work with, wonderful with other horses, and an easy keeper.  Early in his career he had some solid training that has held through.  He has lovely ground manners, a joy for the farrier, and a pleasure on trails. He loves attention, and enjoys being  petted. He is our go-to horse that anyone can handle, kids or beginners. He is respectful at feed time and on the ground. He would be a great companion horse as he has been a fabulous pasture pal with all horses he has been turned out with. He has been in small and large fields. Danser was a wonderful lesson horse, but it is time for him to retire. For fun, he has amazing bloodlines! Danser is an approximately 20 year old, bay Arabian, standing about 14.2 hands tall. A cutie, no doubt!

***We recently found out Danser has Cushings Disease and is on Prascend to treat it. He is doing fabulously with his new medication and is a happy, easy guy. 

If you are interested in learning more, or would like information about our adoption process, please contact: 

Charlie: 707-477-5005

Shadowfax - for lease to adopt

Shadowfax is a handsome 17.2 hand flea-bitten grey Thoroughbred. He is approximately 10 years old, and boy does he love attention. He is a breeze on trails and easy in the arena walk/trot. He would do best with light trails and riding as he has a benign heart murmur and a mild ligament issue. These "issues" have never affected Shadow negatively and he has been sound since his arrival. Shadow is wonderful with kids, and a very easy ride. He is strong on the ground at times (but easy to correct), so he would need a confident handler to assure he stays respecting your space.

He would also be a great pasture-pal or companion. If he was to be placed in a stall, it would need to have a run near other horses since he is extremely social and needs a buddy. Shadowfax wants someone to give him the cuddles and love he desires and deserves! He is a popular guy at the barn and quite a looker. He gets along well with all horses and soaks up any attention given to him. He's especially fond of bodywork, hugs, kisses, and trails.

If you are interested in learning more, or would like information about our adoption process, please contact:

Charlie: 707-477-5005


Sami is a cute 15.2 hand chestnut Quarter Horse. She is a fire rescue mare, and has made huge leaps since coming to us in October of 2017. Sami can be lightly ridden, but would fare best as a pasture pal or companion horse. She needs someone who will spend time with her to continue to build her confidence as she is a little frightful of the world at times. Sami truly has a beautiful disposition and thrives off bodywork, grooming, and walking. 

If you are interested in learning more, or would like information about our adoption process, please contact:

Charlie: 707-477-5005

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