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“I LOVED the clinic. I did see the magic and most of it was in watching you communicate with the horses and how they all reacted to you. Not just when you were trying to tell them something but when you just got around them, it seems like they all lit up and got excited.”

-J. Fulton, Santa Rosa

“Can’t express enough how much you will learn from Susan and just being around the horses! It is so much more than just riding; it is understanding their behavior and connecting with them in a way so that they respect you and care for you! Susan’s understanding of these animals will ‘floor you.’ I am consistently amazed by her.”

-S. Hanley, Dillon Beach


come learn with us

Every Saturday, we have tours at 8:15 am.

You get to meet the horses, and help with the morning feeding and other activities.

Eat a good breakfast and bring lunch!


At 11am there is a demonstration with one of the horses.


Our volunteers have many backgrounds, and we can use your skills in graphic design, accounting, skilled trades, organization, painting, gardening, fundraising, horse training, skilled riding, vet/farrier, and hauling, etc.

So no horse experience is necessary!


Our facilities are located at 11114 Falstaff Rd, Sebastopol, CA.

Please contact us at least 24 hours in advance if you would like to visit.

Check our website for events, clinics, and formal tour dates.

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