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Sponsoring a horse of your choice gives you the unique opportunity to directly help with a horse's feed, farrier, vet, and rehabilitation.


If you are interested in sponsoring one of our sweet rescue horses, see below for a list of  horses and the sponsorship options we have. The work we do to rescue, rehabilitate, and continue to save these beautiful creatures is made possible by volunteers, donations, and sponsorships from people like you.

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all price options listed below are based monthly


This special horse has a grand and animated  personality that equally matches his bold and beautiful looks. Vosi is in the process of working through sever mental and physical abuse which included being underfed and ridden when injured. He has made huge leaps in the 3 years he has been here, but requires specialized help from our trainers and volunteers. This is made possible by generous people like you.



This calm fella gets an extra spark when he thinks someone is watching. Slaughter-bound to Mexico, we rescued Remi several years ago. He was underweight, terrified, and had no training. He is now ready for adoption, but still needs work. Help this sweet and handsome guy find his forever home by sponsoring him today.


A sweet lady who enjoys a good back and shoulder rub-- who doesn't! Sami came to us after the devastating fires hit Santa Rosa in 2017. She was relinquished by her owners who lost their house. Unfortunately, where she had been staying before us left her lame and very skittish. Sami has made tremendous strides toward healthiness, but still needs help. Support Sami on her journey to full recovery!


Shadowfax is a handsome 17.2 hand flea-bitten grey Thoroughbred. He is approximately 10 years old, and boy does he love attention. He is a breeze on trails and easy in the arena walk/trot. He would do best with light trails and riding as he has a benign heart murmur and a mild ligament issue. These "issues" have never affected Shadow negatively and he has been sound since his arrival. Shadow is wonderful with kids, and a very easy ride. He is strong on the ground at times (but easy to correct), so he would need a confident handler to assure he stays respecting your space.

Three levels  of participation are available:

$35 per month:

-regular pictures and updates about your sponsored horse

-come up on any Saturday morning to visit the farm!

$100 per month:

-regular pictures and updates about your sponsored horse

-come up on any Monday, Friday, or Saturday for a tour of the farm!

$350 per month:

-Beautiful photograph of you alongside your sponsored horse

-Regular pictures and updates on your sponsored horse

-Come up any day of the week to meet with Susan, the founder, and spend time at the farm!

**Please note that benefits are received upon signing a contract for no less than a 6 month commitment**

*** Price options are for a monthly sponsorship and can be canceled at any time***

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