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Support Well Trained Horses by Donating to our Wishlist!

We are a non-profit run by the dedicated work of volunteers and the generosity of our supporters. You can donate on our website via Pay Pal, send us a check, or purchase items on our Amazon Wish List!

Everything is tax deductible.


Other materials needed:

  • Plywood/OSB boards, 2 x 4’s & 2 x 6’s (any length/width)

  • Manure forks

  • Manure fork heads

  • Plastic coin boxes, or decorated cans

  • Brooms

  • Textured stall mats

  • Sand & gravel

  • Storage containers with lids

  • Hammers

  • Large plastic or metal flat shovel

  • Cordless handheld power drill

  • Large tool box

  • Tar paper

  • Rolling roof paper

  • Shingles

You can also support Well Trained Horses by donating your car via Vehicle Donation Program! Just click on the logo below or call 1-877-999-8322.

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