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Success Stories


Sami head.jpg

Sami: Is a cute 15.2 hand chestnut Quarter Horse. She is a fire rescue mare, and has made huge leaps since coming to us in October of 2017. Sami can be lightly ridden, but would fare best as a pasture pal or companion horse. She needs someone who will spend time with her to continue to build her confidence as she is a little frightful of the world at times. Sami truly has a beautiful disposition and thrives off bodywork, grooming, and walking. 

Sami has been adopted!


Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 8.56.49 AM.png

Futura: was an older mare who was 90% blind. Despite her age and vision challenges, Futura had a pep in her step and gained confidence while with us, especially through being ridden in lessons and on trails. In spring 2022, Futura started having some trouble maintaining weight and, through conversations with our veterinarian, she was diagnosed with cancer. Our volunteers continued to take her for walks, hand-graze her, and love on her for hours until Futura told us it was her time. While she was not adopted out, seeing her progress from a frightened mare with low confidence to a horse who thoroughly enjoyed being ridden, we are proud to have given her a safe and loving place to live out her days. 



Monty: His demanding show career is behind him. He needs a life of easy trails and arena work. His jumping days are behind him. He can walk, trot and canter, but his work should be balanced to keep him healthy for the rest of his life. He needs someone who is calm with him. He would do best with an arena and trails, and someone to dote on him. When he is relaxed he stretches out for the bit and goes in a lovely frame. 

Monty has been adopted!



Remi had a long journey from being headed for slaughter, we rescued him 36 hours before, to his new home. He was easy to handle and ride. He had several injuries which all required time off. Each time he came back he needed to go back to the basics. He was a favorite of many at the farm.

Several years ago he developed HSS (head shaking syndrome). We found little relief in beads over his nose, but a darkened paddock helped him in the daytime, along with magnesium, selenium and herbs. It was a several year journey to introduce each new addition and assess its helpfulness, through ground work, handling, and riding. One of us felt the herbs were the best, but would they have made the desired changes without the magnesium and selenium. Maybe they were the 3rd or 4th thing that made Remi experience a calmer life. He improved so much that we began riding him on occasion. We were pleased, but concerned that riding would take significant skill to keep this horse comfortable. Though all the changes we made enabled him to be a well loved, wonderfully cared for companion horse.


shadow head best.jpg

Shadowfax was rescued by a woman who wanted to stop him from going to slaughter. Even though this kind woman had a horse, and had rescued dogs and cats, she found caring for, and rehabilitating the horse to be too much for her. She brought him to Well Trained Horses and it took us several years to deal with the repercussions of his neglect.  


He came around quicker as a riding horse, taking good care of his riders--here his confidence excelled.  His ground work was more challenging. He was extremely herd bound. Initially, his instinct to return to his herd, or his favorite buddy was so strong he would pull the rope out of the most experienced handlers hands, until we slowly introduced him to us as the Alpha mare, clear limits, and a sense of safety and boundaries.


He was adopted by a woman who will be going on easy trail rides, keeping him with "several new friends", and hopefully have a long lovely life with this beautiful horse.

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