Success Stories


apollo good head.jpg

Apollo was adopted in 2020 by a lovely horse savvy woman to share with her children. (She is a vet tech, and has been an event rider). We felt she was perfect as her horse experience helped her set the clear boundaries Apollo needed.

They are having a lovely time with her other companion horses. We hope they have discovered what a ham he is, and how smart at the same time.


A long journey, and a wonderful end, since his owner wanted to "put him down" as he might be dangerous to someone. A wonderful woman, and a barn mate alerted us to his situation and helped bring him to us. Yes he needed schooling, rehabilitating, lots of limit setting, then matching with a wonderful family.



Remi had a long journey from being headed for slaughter, we rescued him 36 hours before, to his new home. He was easy to handle and ride. He had several injuries which all required time off. Each time he came back he needed to go back to the basics. He was a favorite of many at the farm.

Several years ago he developed HSS (head shaking syndrome). We found little relief in beads over his nose, but a darkened paddock helped him in the daytime, along with magnesium, selenium and herbs. It was a several year journey to introduce each new addition and assess its helpfulness, through ground work, handling, and riding. One of us felt the herbs were the best, but would they have made the desired changes without the magnesium and selenium. Maybe they were the 3rd or 4th thing that made Remi experience a calmer life. He improved so much that we began riding him on occasion. We were pleased, but concerned that riding would take significant skill to keep this horse comfortable. Though all the changes we made enabled him to be a well loved, wonderfully cared for companion horse.


shadow head best.jpg

Shadowfax was rescued by a woman who wanted to stop him from going to slaughter. Even though this kind woman had a horse, and had rescued dogs and cats, she found caring for, and rehabilitating the horse to be too much for her. She brought him to Well Trained Horses and it took us several years to deal with the repercussions of his neglect.  


He came around quicker as a riding horse, taking good care of his riders--here his confidence excelled.  His ground work was more challenging. He was extremely herd bound. Initially, his instinct to return to his herd, or his favorite buddy was so strong he would pull the rope out of the most experienced handlers hands, until we slowly introduced him to us as the Alpha mare, clear limits, and a sense of safety and boundaries.


He was adopted by a woman who will be going on easy trail rides, keeping him with "several new friends", and hopefully have a long lovely life with this beautiful horse.