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Pony Parties

Pony Parties are a great way to celebrate a birthday and make it truly magical.

Pony parties are 2 hours in duration at our beautiful farm, with the option of extending time for everyone.

You will have the opportunity to ride one of our sweet horses, participate in an activity, and celebrate at our beautiful horse ranch!

Let's create a magical and beautiful pony party for everyone together!

We provide cups, plates, table cloth, picnic tables, silverware, napkins and prizes.

We have been successfully hosting pony parties for over 25 years. We are an eco-friendly facility and encourage others to follow with us to help not only our ranch stay beautiful, but our planet as well.

Start price: $215
This includes a hosted 2 hour party at our facility, with each child getting the opportunity to ride a horse, receive a prize after their ride, and spend time at our ranch. The birthday child receives an extra special gift, along with a longer ride. Following riding will be time for presents, cake, and enjoyment here at the farm. People often choose an add-on activity that goes simultaneously while rides are happening. Children love having an activity to jump back and forth from while other children are riding.
- this price includes up to 8 children 
for each extra child: $10***
Fun Additional Optional Activities:
Treasure Hunts: $30

Treasure hunts are a hit activity for children and parents!  The hunt includes up to 7 prizes hidden throughout our barn. We offer a variety of treasures from hats and stickers to toy horses and figurines. We are always changing our prizes, and will take requests on themes or favored items.  Parents enjoy picking this activity for it often takes the stress of bringing additional party favors. 

Horse Head Painting: $6 per small head, $8 per large head

Paint our beautiful custom carved wooden horse heads! Kids can create and decorate their own horse head to take home . We have paint and craft items for the kids to pick from. The small  horse horse heads are about 5” tall and 3” wide. The big heads are about 10” high and 5” wide. 

*** Depending on how many extra children there are, there may be a need for an extra horse and staff person. The additional charge for usage of two horses is $65. 
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