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We will not be offering summer camp this year. There will be lots of opportunities for youth to learn at the farm through volunteering.

Do check in about opportunities for your child.

Camps at Icssoma Farm

We offer an opportunity for students to receive individual attention in a carefully designed program. The program is tailored to safely build participants skills, strengths and confidence while having an opportunity for focused work on areas that need development. Students will have the unique opportunity to work with rescue horses, do ground work, and understand concepts involved in horse training.


Camp is limited to 8 students at any one session. Because of our individualized attention, any session is suitable for first time riders through 3rd level dressage and/or training level eventors. We will provide morning snacks for all campers. We ask that you send a healthy bag lunch, water bottle, and layers with each child.

Camp Overview

For each full day of riding camps, students will receive a private or semi-private lesson and a second ride or hands on lecture. Lessons will be geared to campers level of experience. Beginners needs will cover topics ranging from leading a horse, properly tying, grooming, mounting, identifying horses and basic horse care. More advanced topics will include first aid, horse psychology, recognizing problem indicators and addressing them before they develop to a difficult behavior with the horse. Additionally, lunging, long reining and much, much more. Campers will be involved with the full care of one to three horses, including feeding, grooming, safety, tacking up and untacking. Daily riding lessons will cater to the individual’s skill and ability, including basic riding skills, as well as groundwork, dressage, jumping, vaulting and trails when appropriate.

For horsemanship camps, instead of riding, students will focus on how to correctly approach a horse, properly catch a horse, leading, safe tying, grooming, and identifying behavioral issues. This camp is designed to prepare and set up campers with the skills to recognize good vs bad behaviors and how to deal with such if they arise.  We strongly believe understanding how to handle a horse from the ground is critical before ever mounting. Speaking the language of the horse will not only build confidence in campers, but will set them up for future success with any other horse encounters they may have in the future. 

More advanced students will also have the opportunity to focus on lunging, round penning, ground work training, horse care, and horse psychology (with opportunities for a mounted ride as well). 

For further questions or to receive our brochure/registration by mail, please call 707-829-3600 or e-mail us at




(707) 829-3600




"The highlight of my summer!…a great time of fun & learning…..Susan’s special flair for teaching, with youth or adults, and her uncanny ability to identify the best approach for each student, makes learning very personal, while campers get satisfaction learning from each others experiences.”


—  M. Fallon, Fall 2009

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